Kamp Manifesto

  • Mission

    Mentoring and sharing the experience of Skate with kids - all ages welcome - particularity kids that may not have had exposure to skate.

  • What is Skate?

    At Shred "Skate" IS the experience of freedom, exhilaration and peace that comes from movement - at a pretty good clip - through space and time. Skate includes - but is not limited to: surfing, body-surfing, skim/wake/boogie boarding; skate/long/push/articulated boarding, inline, hockey (ice and road) quad, razor, skating; ski/snowboard; parachuting and base-jumping (these last two are still on the "gotta-do" list).

  • Most Importantly

    Skate is about Exhilaration, Freedom, solitude, community and camaraderie, Peace and Serenity, Spiritual Experience, and Fun

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1st Post – Glorious Day!!!

Hello everyone! My first post to the site. What a great day here in Seattle! Why? #1 It’s a smokin’ day, beautiful, the kind of day that proves “when it’s nice in Seattle, there is no place nicer!” And I’m alive to experience it!!! #2 shredskate.com is up!!!!!! Huge thanks to skating brother Dustin Jamieson. […]

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Experience Of Skate

If you know, you know. Although the experience of skate may be perceived by others as solitary and indeed it may be, it also has very definite and significant social aspects which bestow huge character benefits. The skate and surf culture of LA in the 60’s and 70’s that I grew up in embodies these […]

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